Decorative screens-A case study: Arbors - Metal screens direct
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Decorative screens-A case study: Arbors

Decorative screens-A case study: Arbors

As a way of creating order and structure to a curated outdoor space. few other objects will define a space and it’s usage more than an arbor will. There has been many styles and forms over the years. Recently new methods for creating these structures have emerged.

FabriLAB specializes in these more modern styles. We are able to conceptualize, design and manufacture even the most complex objects. We utilize 3D models and CNC laser cutting technology to rapidly create virtually any desired decorative screen design that can be imagined.

As specialized designers and manufactures of laser cut metal panels, we work closely with architects, landscape designers, and homeowners to ensure we get the most form every project.

If you’ve had decorative metal screens in mind for your arbor project please feel free to contact us there is no one better placed to create such a structure

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