Decorative screens-A case study: Security - Metal screens direct
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Decorative screens-A case study: Security

Decorative screens-A case study: Security

Security and peace of mind are extremely important for many of us, However many security barriers will not compliment the architecture of your home. Using laser cut decorative metal screens we can place fencing as an effective barrier while also increasing the aesthetic appeal and adding value to your property.

Our Archine metal screen system has been developed specifically to suit this need. Is uses a Laser cut metal screen that is formed into a stiff and strong panel. The panels are mounted to 3D laser cut posts. For high strength and long life.

With our custom in-house manufacturing system we are able to incorporate practically any type of locking system. If you already have this hardware certainly we can make it work

We have an extensive range of laser cut metal screen designs to choose from, and we can also produce original designs per project. Or interpret designs based on suggestions and images provided by the customer.

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