Capability statement - Metal screens direct
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Capability statement


Deep Design Understanding


Let’s get real for a minute. There isn’t a single process that FabriLAB needs to outsource to deliver a project for our clients. This single fact is what sets us apart from the rest. We don’t rely on outside help like some of the others in our field. We wield powerful design tools from concept to installation for the highest fidelity architectural installations currently available.




The most important and Powerful stage of our manufacturing process is our 3D CAD development software, we are able to comprehensively design and visualise our products down to the minutest of details. Nothing we build is an after thought and all mounts and fasteners can be taken into account to assess there impact on the struture and aethetic prior to pressing the button on our sophisticated CNC machinery.


CNC Manufacturing


Everything designed in CAD process is re-utilised during manufacturing, meaning, none of the fidelity of the 3D models is lost or wasted. Infact the 3D Models are directly referenced through this workflow. Leading to perfect, crisp and repeatable laser cut metal panels everytime.


3D scanning


When the project involves complex existing geometry, we rely on 3D laser scanning to provide detailed geometrical accurate 3D respresentions of a space or building. These models perform almost as a type geometric “insurance” Meaning that we can develop geometry safe in the knowledge that when we arrive on site the installation fits perfectly first time everytime.


Can do attitude


The X factor, when you combine all of the above with hard won, raw hands on skill and the desire to create beauty for our clients. You get Bench mark outcomes. We happen to be in Melbourne. But our work is bench mark in any market.