Raw Materials-COPPER - Metal screens direct
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Raw Materials-COPPER

Raw Materials-COPPER

The Precious ones. AKA Transition metals, Gold, Platinum, Iridium, palladium, COPPER.

Use sparingly, These guys are RARE by definition. Due to this, these metal are More likely to turn up in a rap video than in your home. You’ve been warned. But if you taste is truly champagne and have pockets to match read on.

Copper is the only one in this group that has seen considerable use as a building material finish. So we’ll be focusing on that here. Personally, I think of metal finishes as second to none. and recommend clients in keeping with that.

Any steel product can be copper plated and polished for unmatched polish? and impact! I have made some pieces for myself from solid copper. One particular and peculiar example was a stylized cooling array for a computer workstation. In practice though, mostly this material is used to plate previously constructed metal objects with a thin layer that is post polished to a high lustre.

This material oxidises rapidly in exposure to the atmosphere and will turn a greenish blue Patina if left uncoated and unpolished long enough. This can be the desired finish and like CORTEN the oxide layer will stabilize holting the complete breakdown of the underlying material.

Although Niece due to cost and high oxidative rate, copper still enjoys sparring use. And is beautiful when implemented properly. if you have something copper in mind talk with us about bringing it to life. If it can be visualized it can be made. we have the technology.

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