Raw Materials-STEEL (iron) - Metal screens direct
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Raw Materials-STEEL (iron)

Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.

— Raw Materials-STEEL (iron)

STEEL GLORIOUS STEEL. Where to start with this one. so fundamental a material to man this alloy of iron virtual makes our entire civilization possible.

This material has uses unlimited. But let’s go with a brief TLDR; Trains, cars, planes, race cars, bridges, machines of war, computer components even your mobile phone. Its cheap plentiful and easy to refine from the vast reserves of ore on Earth.

It’s very strong. Steel has almost no parallel for when you really want the structure to stand for a long time against the elements. It has great Ease of fabrication, many manufacturers turn to steel as It can be easily welded with the MIG process. meaning reduced staffing skills levels and associated costs associated with that.

While not commonly used as a “finish” in its own right, steel is readily powdercoated for an appealing finish but must be treated prior to being situated outdoors or risks suffering badly from corrosion particularly in a maritime climate or near a saltwater body.

The majority of the components we produce are made from Aluminium for this exact reason. And if we do use still it is general galvanised post fabrication for protection from the elements.

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